XJ Casamorati Collection

A collection focused on resurrecting the craftsmanship and old world style of La Fabbrica di Profumi C. Casamorati - a 19th century haute parfumerie established in Bologne. Paying homage to a vanishing heritage, this collection combines the highest quality raw materials and straightforward sophisticated perfumery in seven luxurious bouquets. Its art nouveau packaging reflects the fusion of nature, passion, and artistry contained in each bottle.


From the exquisite house of Xerjoff comes a rare and unique scent based on a never before released blend from the ancient perfume house of CASAMORATI. Over a year and half year of research and distillation trials have resulted in a magnificent accord of fresh spices, rare flowers and precious woods to recreate a blend that thought to be lost forever.

Fiore d'Ulivo

Springtime in the mediterranean lands, where the olive trees bloom for just a few days every year.

This treasured scent is at the core of fiore d'ulivo.

Bouquet Ideale

Warm and seductive, Bouquet Ideale is composed of a beatiful powdery cashmere accord with mysterious touches of vanilla and papyrus. Heart notes of cinnamon and nutmeg lend a spicy heart while a sensual blend of tobacco flowers, labdanum absolute, vanilla, coumarin and musks make up the base of this intoxicating scent.


A perfect blend of rich citrus notes with an ardent spicy heart, Fiero is intense and sophisticated, representing a classical gentlemen's perfume. Fiero harmoniously mixes notes of italian fruits embellished with subtle aromatic herbs of thyme, lavanda flowers, terragon and mint, on an accord of precious woods.


Italian oriental Mefisto is a tribute to classic italian colognes. Starting with fresh notes of grapefruit, lemon and bergamot. This bright opening folds into an aromatic heart with just a touch of lavender, leading to a more classic floral heart of rose and florentine iris.


Built upon the magnificent sea and gentle breezes of southern Regio is a rich mosaic of mediterranean memories.
Its distinctive aroma is a sublime olfactory blend of fresh citrus and hand picked lavender flowers.


Lira captures you with her sparkling mediterranean blend, gently cocooned by hand picked lavender flowers.

Her uncompromising charm, on and off stage, is revealed by distilled bulgarian rose and narcotic egyptian jasmin both blended in an intoxicating vanilla and caramel love potion.

Dama Bianca

Dama Bianca. "The White Lady" is a story of a lady trapped within her dreams as high above the vistas, she gazes out into what could lay beyond. Locked behind walls of jealousy and deception, her only escape is the fragrant notes of fruits and flowers outside her reach.

Gran ballo

The tradition of GRAN BALLO or Debs’ Ball, was born in 1700 when in the noble palaces of the period, in a shining of lights, mirrors and golden stuccoes, young aristocratic girls had the opportunity of finding their own “Prince Charming”.
Faithful to the tradition, CASAMORATI recreates the dream with GRAN BALLO, a romantic dance of rare Honeysuckle, Gardenia and Jasmin flowers with warm tones of Vanilla, Amber and Caramel. Even if this, exactly as the dreams, lasts only one night.